Iran’s Labour Minister Solat Mortazavi

Iranians Call For Impeachment Of Labor Minister Amidst Wage Concerns

Friday, 03/29/2024

Tens of thousands of Iranians have united in a resounding call for the impeachment of Iran’s Labour Minister due to concerns over the country’s minimum wage.

In a petition, 55,000 individuals have unequivocally stated that Minister Solat Mortazavi, over the span of two years, has “demonstrated that he has no concern for improving the livelihoods of the country's workers”.

This call, just days after the government set the monthly minimum wage at approximately 110 million rials – which is about $175 US – falling far short of meeting 60% of household living costs.

Amidst Iran’s deepening economic crisis and acute financial constraints, the government implemented a wage increase that fell below the inflation rate, exacerbating the financial strain on citizens.

Addressed to the country’s Parliament, the signatories of the petition argue that these actions by the Minister are in conflict with Article 41 of Iran's Labor Law – which mandates that workers' wages should be adjusted annually in accordance with the official inflation rate.

Government-controlled sources estimate inflation at 43%, with food items experiencing even higher rates ranging from 80 to 100%.

The enforcement of economic sanctions by the US in 2019 sparked a surge in inflation, exacerbating the financial struggles experienced by Iranian wage earners.

Over the past six years, the Iranian rial has depreciated by a staggering 15-fold. The rial has fallen sharply since early January, losing around 20% in less than three months, further raising the specter of higher inflation in the coming months.

Notably, economists in the country have also long pointed out that the root of Iran’s economic woes lie in the regime’s non-developmental strategy – that prioritizes ideological and political agendas over economic progress. To the point that even the lifting of sanctions would not result in a quick recovery.

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