Mowlavi Abdolhamid, the renowned Sunni Friday Prayer leader of Zahedan

Sunni Friday Imam Tells Government To Trust Iranian People

Friday, 03/22/2024

Mowlavi Abdolhamid, the renowned Sunni Friday Prayer leader of Zahedan, urged officials of the Islamic Republic to place trust in the Iranian populace, particularly women.

He called on the government to offer citizens, particularly women opportunities for advancement. Abdolhamid proclaimed that such empowerment could lead to the transformation of Iran into a promised land, emphasizing the immense potential harbored within the nation.

Highlighting the prevalent corruption plaguing the country, Abdolhamid issued a warning against the misappropriation of national assets, labeling such actions “perilous” and naming them as “the root cause of Iran's societal woes, which deprive the people of their rightful share.”

While Abdolhamid refrained from specifying the catalyst behind his address, it appears linked to recent revelations of corruption by Kazem Seddighi, the Friday Prayer leader of Tehran appointed by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Sedighi stands accused of illicitly acquiring a valuable piece of land in northern Tehran, valued at millions of dollars.

The sermon follows Abdolhamid's earlier critique on March 1 regarding the government's failure to implement adequate flood management measures, which he reiterated in light of floods in his province. However, Abdolhamid's efforts to visit the flood-affected areas were thwarted by security forces, underscoring ongoing tensions between dissenting voices and authorities.

The torrential rains in late February in southern Sistan and Baluchestan triggered extensive flooding, particularly in the Dashtyari region, leading to submerged residential areas and the closure of numerous roads. Hundreds of households have incurred damage due to the recent floods in the province.

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