Iranian women walk on a street during the revival of morality police in Tehran, Iran, July 16, 2023.

Iran To Deduct Fines From Bank Accounts Of Women Defying Hijab

Monday, 03/11/2024

An Iranian newspaper said Monday that the parliament has approved a law allowing for the deduction of money from the accounts of women who do not adhere to mandatory hijab.

The report by Farhikhtegan newspaper confirms recent remarks by lawmaker Amir-Hossein Bankipour, who said fines for women who do not comply with hijab laws will be directly deducted from their bank accounts, without the need for their permission.

The move is based on Iran’s new hijab bill, pending approval by the Guardian Council, that aims to enforce stricter penalties for hijab refuseniks.

The bill, officially titled "Protection of Family Through Promotion of Hijab and Chastity Culture," initially secured parliamentary approval in September. However, it encountered an unexpected setback when the Guardian Council, holding ultimate legislative authority, rejected it. The rejection cited formal deficiencies and called for revisions to clarify ambiguous terms.

The enforcement strategy includes surveillance measures such as facial recognition technology and scrutiny of online content to identify violators. Bankipour emphasized that “the measures aim to deter repeat offenses,” with fines escalating to 240 million rials ($400) for those who remove hijab for the second time.

Farhikhtegan wrote that enforcing penalties for hijab violations falls outside the judiciary's jurisdiction; the police will handle enforcement.

The announcement comes against the backdrop of heightened tensions surrounding hijab enforcement, fueled by widespread protests following the death of Mahsa Amini in 2022. Amini's death after her arrest for violating hijab regulations ignited the boldest wave of protests against the Islamic Republic.

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