A man looks on parliamentary election campaign posters in Tehran, Iran February 19, 2020.

Iranians Vow Election Boycott

Sunday, 02/25/2024

A free tribune board in Tehran has revealed the vast array of discontent with Iranian government policies, with people declaring their refusal to participate in the upcoming elections.

At Amirkabir University, an image captured from the Free Tribune board showed a statement that read: "I do not vote because the parliament serves Gaza, Syria, and the officials' offspring." Another declared, "I abstain from voting due to soaring prices; officials have plundered all wealth, rendering the parliament non-representative."

A third opinion criticized the electoral process as a "pure dictatorship" fostering corruption.

Recent years have seen a notable decline in voter turnout attributed to economic hardships, suppression of dissent, and oversight by the Guardian Council. The trend has led to a crisis of legitimacy for the Islamic Republic.

Iranians are increasingly frustrated with the government's failure to address demands for increased freedoms and economic progress. Official figures show an inflation rate nearing 50%, with essential goods, particularly food, facing steep price rises. 

The harsh crackdown on the 2022 protests has further stoked internal dissent, resulting in deaths, injuries, and arrests, amid ongoing social and economic oppression. The enforcement of hijab laws and internet censorship by hardline authorities have heightened surveillance, exacerbating public discontent.

With parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections slated for March 1, anticipation mounts for historically low voter participation.

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