Iranian lawyer Khosrow Alikordi

Iranian Lawyer Jailed For Advocating For Protesters' Families

Sunday, 02/18/2024

Khosrow Alikordi, an Iranian lawyer known for advocating in the cases of protesters' families, has been transferred to Vakilabad Prison to begin a one-year sentence.

Upon completion, he faces a two-year ban from legal practice.

A day before his imprisonment, Alikordi addressed Iran's Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, in a video message, accusing the regime of hypocrisy. "The Islamic Republic celebrates its revolution anniversary with freedom as a core slogan. Yet now you are the jailer," he said.

In January, the judiciary accused Alikordi of engaging in "propaganda against the Islamic Republic system and in favor of groups opposing the regime."

The court referred to Alikordi's engagements with both national and international media, along with his online activities and writing as evidence of "propaganda against the system."

Alikordi's harassment began when he represented families affected by the 2022 uprising.

The Iranian government has a history of targeting and detaining lawyers, civil activists, and political dissenters. The crackdown has escalated since the nationwide protests against the Islamic Republic in September 2022.

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