Iranian director Dariush Mehrjui and his wife Vahideh Mohammadifar

Main Suspect In Murder Case Of Iranian Director Sentenced To Death

Monday, 02/12/2024

The primary suspect in the murder of renowned Iranian director Dariush Mehrjui and his wife, has been sentenced to death.

The Chief Justice of Alborz Province, Hossein Fazeli Harikandi said the court has sentenced the second and third-row defendants to 36 years in prison, lashes, and blood money.

Mehrjui and his wife, Vahideh Mohammadifar, a screenwriter and costume designer, were brutally murdered, found mutilated in October at their private villa in Zibadasht Fardis, Alborz Province, suffering multiple stab wounds.

According to the Faraz Daily news website, the perpetrators cut the throats of the couple and broke their arms and legs. Mehrjui’s head was beaten with a blunt object and his wife was almost beheaded.

The trial of the defendants took place on January 17 and 18 in Branch One of the Criminal Court of Alborz Province. Following the first session, the primary suspect denied the murder charge, claiming to have confessed under duress. They also denied involvement in theft.

Shortly before the double murder, Mohammadifar had reported a confrontation with a knife-wielding burglar outside their home who had threatened to kill her. 

The couple had been threatened with death multiple times before their murders and although Mehrjui had reported these to the police on multiple occasions, the police did not take them seriously.

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