Former lawmaker Nader Ghazipour

Iranian MP Claims Disqualification Stemmed From Criticism Of Russia

Sunday, 02/11/2024

A former Iranian parliamentarian has claimed his disqualification for the upcoming March elections was a consequence of his outspoken criticism of Russia's policies.

Nader Ghazipour, among the former members of parliament whose qualifications were not approved by the Guardian Council for the impending elections, said, "I was the only representative who spoke publicly in the parliament against Russia and said that Russia is after our waters, [a] divided Azerbaijan, [has] imposed shameful treaties of Golestan and Turkmenchay on us, and didn’t sell even one barrel of Iranian oil during sanctions and took its money several times."

Iran's clerical watchdog, the Guardian Council, has invalidated the qualifications of approximately one in every ten current lawmakers aspiring to run in the March parliamentary elections.

The mass disqualification of candidates, particularly those perceived as regime insiders with relatively moderate tendencies, echoes previous instances such as the 2020 legislative elections and the 2021 presidential vote.

Ghazipour’s comments come as in 2016 he stirred controversy by asserting that women should not be permitted to serve in parliament, stating, "We didn't easily win control over the country to send every fox, kid, and donkey there. The parliament is not a place for donkeys."

Ghazipour has served on the parliament's Mine and Industry Commission and reportedly fought during the 1980-88 war with Iraq. He worked as Khamenei's campaign manager in 1981 and 1985, according to the website of the parliament's research center.

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