Salman Samani, a former senior official of Iran's Interior Ministry

Court Session Held To Deport Iranian Official From Canada

Friday, 02/09/2024

The second court session was held in Canada Thursday to decide if Salman Samani, a former senior official of Iran's Interior Ministry, should be expelled from the country.

Lasting for six hours, the session saw notable revelations, including Samani asserting his role as a “servant of the people rather than the government of the Islamic Republic.”

Samani, intruding himself as a dentist in Canada earning a modest income, appealed to the Canadian government, which is trying to deport Canada-based Iranians with links to the Islamic Republic.

The legal saga began when Samani's name appeared on a list of individuals announced by the Canadian Border Security Agency on December 7, mandating their deportation from Canada. The action triggered a legal battle, with Samani filing a request with the Federal Court of Canada.

The deportation is in line with sanctions implemented in November 2022, preventing senior members of the Iranian regime from entering Canada.

The measures were imposed after Iran's morality police killed Mahsa Amini for defying hijab laws. Amini's death garnered international condemnation and became a symbol of resistance against the repression of women under Iran's clerical regime.

Last week, Majid Iranmanesh, the former director general of Iran’s Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology,was given a final expulsion order from the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board about. Iranmanesh is the first among nine former officials whose expulsion cases have been reviewed.

Canada severed diplomatic ties with Iran in 2012 due to concerns related to its pursuit of nuclear weapons and support for terrorist organizations including Hamas, whose invasion of Israel on October 7 ignited the current conflict in the Middle East.

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