Iranian government official Salman Samani

Iranian Former Minister Now Living In Toronto Faces Deportation

Wednesday, 12/06/2023

A former high-ranking Iranian government official found living in Toronto is now facing deportation by the Canadian authorities.

As reported by Global News, officials in Canada have initiated proceedings against Salman Samani, 42, who is the subject of sanctions imposed a year ago against members of Iran's hardline regime.

Samani held the position of Iran's deputy minister of interior during Hassan Rouhani's term as president.

The Canada Border Services Agency has formally urged the Immigration and Refugee Board to conduct a hearing for Samani, potentially resulting in his expulsion from the country. Anna Pape, spokesperson for the Refugee Board, confirmed that Samani's case “was referred for an admissibility hearing on November 10, 2023.”

The deportation is in line with sanctions implemented in November 2022, preventing senior members of the Iranian regime from entering Canada.

The measures were imposed after Iran's morality police killed Mahsa Amini for defying hijab laws. Amini's death garnered international condemnation and became a poignant symbol of resistance against the repression of women under Iran's clerical regime.

In response, Canada classified Iran's government as a regime involved in "terrorism and systematic and gross human rights violations," leading to the effective exclusion of tens of thousands of Iranian officials and Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps members from entering the country.

Canada severed diplomatic ties with Iran in 2012 due to concerns related to its pursuit of nuclear weapons and support for terrorist organizations including Hamas.

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