US Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL)

Senate In The Dark On Impact Of US Strikes In Mideast

Tuesday, 02/06/2024

The US Senate Armed Services Committee has received no information from the Biden Administration regarding the impact of air strikes on Iran-linked targets, Sen. Tommy Tuberville told Iran International.

“I am on the Armed Services Committee, and we don’t know what we hit. We got no return summary of the bombing, and if anyone was hurt, anyone was killed, or anything was destroyed, and we spent a lot of money,” the Senator told our reporter Arash Alaei on Tuesday.

After a drone attack on January 28 on a US base in Jordan where three soldiers were killed, President Joe Biden pledged to retaliate, declaring that the attack was linked to Iran. However, the administration waited more than five full days before responding by air strikes on bases in Iraq and Syria, giving ample warning to Iranian IRGC and its proxies.

Critics have insisted that relentless attacks by Iran-backed forces against US targets in the region since mid-October warrants a more direct response against Iranian targets to re-establish deterrence. Reportedly, more ammunition was dropped than the number of armed individuals killed at the bombed locations.

Sen. Tuberville (R-AL) also expressed concern that the conflict in the Middle East is spreading because “others are getting involved” and not allowing the United States to calm the situation. He also expressed doubt that US retaliation against Iran-backed Houthi group, who attack vessels in the Red Sea, will have much of an impact

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