Mohammad-Reza Zafarqandi, Secretary-general of the Iranian Medical Society. Undated

Iranian Medical Society Expresses Concern Over Brain Drain

Saturday, 02/03/2024

Secretary-general of the Iranian Medical Society has warned about emigration of elite workforce and professionals from various medical and non-medical sectors amid economic crisis.

Speaking about the current state and future prospects of Iran during the general assembly of the Iranian Medical Society, Mohammad-Reza Zafarqandi expressed deep concern, noting that vital signs pointing to an emigration crisis have reached a critical juncture.

Zafarqandi emphasized the alarming increase in demand for permission from the medical system for professionals seeking to leave the country. Amidst the celebrations marking the 45th anniversary of the Islamic revolution, he lamented the challenges faced by the country, saying "A system that was supposed to be dignity and prosperity based on the principles of republicanism, Islam, has brought Iran face to face with challenges and failures in all three aspects."

Additionally, he highlighted the distant path taken in the Islamic aspect of the system, deviating from the ideals of justice, ethics, freedom, and rights, as initially envisioned during the revolution.

The Secretary-General drew attention to critical conditions prevailing in various sectors, including the economy, politics, academia, environment, and public health. He stressed the alarming decline in social capital and trust in governance.

Furthermore, Zafarqandi revealed alarming statistics, indicating that approximately 80 percent of medical students are considering leaving the country.

“Many professors from the country's universities are leaving. Today, important fields such as heart surgery, emergency medicine, anesthesia, and many medical fields do not have volunteer applicants, and residency positions remain vacant," he warned.

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