Laemaker Abbas Golroo

Iranian MP Accuses Mossad, Israel Of Involvement In Kerman Blasts

Sunday, 01/14/2024

A member of the Iranian parliament pointed fingers at Israel, repeating accusations that they were involved in the twin bombings that rocked Kerman on January 3.

Abbas Golroo, belonging to the hardliner faction and member of the parliament's national security committee, made the comments in a Sunday interview with Jamaran website.

The Kerman attacks resulted in nearly one hundred deaths and hundreds of injuries along the route leading to a cemetery, where former IRGC commander Qasem Soleimani is buried.

While the ISIS of Afghanistan claimed responsibility for the suicide bombings, social media speculation within Iran continues, with some accusing the country's security and intelligence agencies of orchestrating the attacks to garner sympathy for the regime.

Golroo claimed that Iran has played a role in attacks against Israeli targets in European countries. He also highlighted Hamas' recent attack as a “successful challenge to Israel's defense capabilities.” He hinted at ongoing and planned actions against the Israeli interests in various regions.

“A portion of the actions that we receive reports about is actively taken against this regime, both in European countries and within the occupied territories, as well as in the region. Additional actions are also being planned,” added the MP.

Despite accusations against Israel for allegedly organizing the Kerman incident, the United States rejected any suggestion of Israeli or American involvement in the Kerman explosions.

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