Bottles of bootleg alcoholic drinks

Bootleg Alcohol Kills Seven In Iran

Sunday, 01/07/2024

A recent spike in black market alcohol poisoning in Maku, in West Azarbaijan province, has led to the deaths of at least seven.

The Saturday edition of Etemad newspaper revealed that, alongside the fatalities, one of the consumers of the beverages has experienced vision problems. Initial reports regarding the casualties related to bootleg alcohol were released on Wednesday, with Saber Jafari, the prosecutor of Maku, confirming three deaths and over 20 poisoning cases.

Earlier, the prosecutor of Maku announced the arrest of four individuals, likely connected to the sale of the home made, black market drinks.

In late June and early July, numerous citizens in provinces such as Tehran, Alborz, Mazandaran, Hormozgan, and Qazvin were poisoned due to the consumption of what the government refers to as "counterfeit beverages" or industrial alcohol, leading to loss of life.

Reports indicate that the majority of the victims in Iran fall within the age group of 20 to 40 years old.

The sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages are illegal in Iran. The judicial system can subject consumers to initial arrests with 80 lashes and, in the case of repeated offenses, the death penalty.

According to the World Health Organization's 2018 report, Iran ranks ninth in global alcohol consumption.

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