President Joe Biden in November 2023

Biden Defends US Military Action In Iraq

Saturday, 01/06/2024

President Joe Biden, in a letter to Congress, has defended the recent air strike carried out by the US military on a headquarters of Iran-backed militias in Iraq.

Biden asserted that the attack was conducted in line with national security and the foreign policy interests of the United States.

“I directed this military action consistent with my responsibility to protect United States citizens both at home and abroad and in furtherance of United States national security and foreign policy interests,” reads the statement from President Biden in his letter on Friday.

In response to the attacks, the Iraqi government declared that the justification for the presence of international coalition forces, led by the US, in the country has come to an end. President Biden, on January 5, emphasized Washington's preparedness for potential further actions.

The US targeted a logistical support center of the Popular Mobilization Forces, an Iranian-backed paramilitary group, in eastern Baghdad on Thursday, resulting in casualties.

The Iraqi Prime Minister's office held the US-led coalition responsible for the attack, asserting that targeting their headquarters weakens agreements and understandings with the coalition.

Amidst the ongoing Middle East conflict following the Israel-Hamas war that began on October 7, Iran's proxy forces in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen have repeatedly targeted US and international interests, as retaliation for Washington’s support for Israel. The current Gaza conflict, initiated by unprecedented attacks by Hamas on Israel, resulted in more than 1,000 civilian casualties. In recent years, Iran-backed groups have carried out drone and missile attacks against American forces and international coalition forces stationed in Iraq and Syria.

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