A protest by Iranian workers

Iran's Oil, Gas Sectors Reportedly On Strikes

Sunday, 01/07/2024

Reports circulating on social media indicate that some sectors within Iran's oil and gas industry began engaging in strikes on Saturday in protest to low pay and dismal work conditions.

Activists suggest that the continuation of such strikes, coupled with the potential involvement of other critical sectors, could lead to serious challenges for the government, while the economy overall is in crisis.

In a video message, Mohammad Javad Sabouri, a former employee of the South Pars Oil and Gas Company, urged support from various segments of the population to rally behind nationwide strikes by oil and gas industry personnel in the South Pars (Persian Gulf) region. The primary objective is to disrupt the economic machinery of the Islamic Republic, he noted.

However, details about the location and companies affected by the strikes are still not available.

The development harkens back to actions taken last April when workers from Iran's oil, gas, and petrochemical industries initiated a strike, demanding wage increases in response to an annual inflation rate exceeding 50 percent. Contract workers in cities like Asaluyeh, Dehloran, Gachsaran, and Kangan ceased work, pushing for a 79% raise based on their proposed list. Currently, most workers earn around $120-150 per month, while a family of four requires $450 for basic needs.

Recent months have witnessed a surge in protests against economic hardship, with workers, guild members, and retirees across various industries and regions expressing their discontent. The demonstrations have frequently faced crackdown by security forces.

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