A general view of a gas station in Tehran during a nationwide disruption caused by a cyberattack, December 18, 2023

Russia Is Advantageous For Iran’s Cyber Security - Lawmaker

Monday, 01/01/2024

An Iranian parliamentarian claims that the information security cooperation agreement between Iran and Russia is advantageous for Tehran in spite of ongoing cyber attacks.

In a statement to local media, Abolfazl Amouei, a member of the Iranian Parliament and spokesperson for the National Security Commission stated that "Russia is contributing to the cybersecurity of the Islamic Republic of Iran."

The agreement, which focuses on information and intelligence cybersecurity, was proposed by the Iranian government last year. Despite facing accusations of extensive cyber attacks, Iran received parliamentary approval for the bill in December.

The approved bill, originating from an agreement signed three years ago by former Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, consists of nine articles. It primarily addresses joint efforts to counter cyber threats, strengthen information security measures, and foster cooperation between the two nations. Notably, the legislation includes a clause specifying the exchange of information and collaborative prosecution of criminal offenses between Iran and Russia.

The deepened political, military, communication, and cyber ties between Tehran and Moscow have elicited concerns among Western nations and their allies. Microsoft's Threat Analysis Center (MTAC) recently issued a warning about potential collaborative efforts by Russia, Iran, and China to influence upcoming elections, including the 2024 United States elections. The warning highlighted the possibility of authoritarian regimes targeting "election infrastructure, campaigns, and voters" through cyber means.

Iran's government networks have been hit multiple times by hacking groups, increasing in the wake of the 2022 uprising, while in December, its gas station networks were hit, reducing activities by 70 percent. 

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