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Iranian Lawmaker Admits Fuel Supply System Targeted By A Virus

Tuesday, 12/19/2023

A member of the Energy Commission of the Iranian Parliament claims that the country's fuel supply system is not vulnerable to cyber-attacks due to its offline nature.

Hadi Beigi-Nezhad acknowledged on Tuesday that a cyber virus had infected the fuel system, attributing it to an individual and a network that has infiltrated the country.

“It is true to say that a virus entered the country's fuel system through an individual and a network infiltration."

The hacking group "Predatory Sparrow" has claimed responsibility for the cyberattack that led to the extensive disruption of gas stations across Iran on Monday. Previously accused by Iran of having connections to Israel, the group took credit for the attack, asserting that they effectively targeted a significant number of fuel pumps throughout the country.

In statements delivered in both Persian and English, the hacking group proclaimed the cyberattack as a retaliatory measure against what they interpret as aggression from the Islamic Republic and its regional proxies. They issued a cautionary message, asserting, "We will impose a cost for your provocations. This is just a taste of what we have in store."

The cyberattack aligns with an escalation of assaults by Iran's proxies, including Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Houthis in Yemen, targeting Israeli and US interests amidst the ongoing conflict in Gaza. The development follows Hamas declaring war on Israel on October 7, with Iran offering support to Hamas while disavowing any involvement in the Islamist militants' terror attack.

The event follows a previous extensive cyberattack that occurred on October 26, 2021, impacting all 4,300 fuel stations in Iran. Despite initial assurances of resolving the issue within one day, it ultimately took an extra three days for all stations to fully restore functionality to the online system.

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