Saudi Arabia and Iran reach agreement to revive ties in Beijing, in March 2023

Iran, Saudi Arabia, China Discuss Relations, Gaza War

Saturday, 12/16/2023

The deputy foreign ministers of Iran, Saudi Arabia, and China convened in Beijing to discuss Tehran-Riyadh relations after normalization and the ongoing Gaza war.

The sides evaluated the progress in reviving diplomatic ties between The Islamic Republic of Iran and Saudi Arabia that was launched in March with Chinese mediation.

According to the Saudi Arabian Press Agency, Ali Bagheri-Kani, the Political Deputy Foreign Minister of Iran, Waleed bin Abdulkarim Al-Khuraiji, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia, and Deng Li, the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of China, were present at the meeting.

In a statement the three sides also urged for the cessation of military operations in Gaza and the flow of "sustainable relief" to Palestinians. Iran has campaigned for an end to the Israeli military operation, which has weakened Tehran's ally Hamas.

While Iran has refrained from direct military involvement in supporting its ally Hamas and denies any role in the October 7 Hamas operation, but has faces accusations of supporting proxies like the Houthis, who have targeted US and Israeli interests, as well as international shipping.

Apart from addressing the Gaza situation, the discussions also centered on the process of reopening the embassies of both Iran and Saudi Arabia. The agenda underscored the importance of steps taken to implement the diplomatic thaw initiated in March. This agreement marked a pivotal moment after seven years of strained relations between the two nations.

While the Iranian Embassy in Saudi Arabia officially reopened in mid-June, symbolizing the restoration of diplomatic ties, the formal opening of the Saudi Embassy in Tehran has faced repeated delays, with no official explanation from Saudi authorities as yet.

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