Iranian Authorities Impound Cars Over Hijab Violations

Thursday, 11/30/2023

Police in Tehran have been impounding cars in the latest crackdown against ongoing hijab violations.

Iranian officials confirmed the issuance of police warnings through text messages, alerting citizens to the imminent seizure of vehicles for failing to adhere to compulsory hijab rules. The police directive reportedly extends to over a million citizens, with hundreds of cars confiscated and temporarily prohibited from use.

Amidst a growing crackdown on hijab defiance, Iranian parliamentarians have expanded the government's Hijab and Chastity bill. The proposed legislation, seeking stricter penalties for hijab infractions, faces widespread criticism from human rights groups.

The intensified enforcement of hijab regulations follows protests that have swept across Iran since the death of Iranian-Kurd Mahsa Amini last year. Amini's arrest in Tehran, allegedly for breaching the Islamic republic’s mandatory hijab, ignited the worst uprising of recent history.

Women across the country have been defying the mandatory hijab which has been met with a heavier presence of hijab enforcers in public spaces such as subway stations. Additionally, surveillance cameras have been installed to identify and apprehend individuals violating hijab regulations.

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