Iranian lawmaker Hassan Norouzi

Iranian MP Claims New Military Front Opening On Israel

Tuesday, 11/21/2023

Iranian lawmaker Hassan Norouzi claims the regime will open a new military front against Israel amidst the war in Gaza, in spite of Iran denying a direct involvement

Khamenei loyalist Norouzi stated on Tuesday, "Certainly, a new front against Israel will open. This will happen soon, and it is definite. But I cannot provide the details". Iran-backed Hamas invaded Israel on October 7 in a surprise attack which has led to a relentless retaliation for Gaza as a result.

Iran's proxies in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon have all since launched attacks on the Jewish state.

The claims by Norouzi follow remarks by Mohsen Rezaei, a former Revolutionary Guard commander and a power insider in Tehran who also declared on Monday that new military fronts would open in the war against Gaza in the coming days.

However, Mahmoud Abbaszadeh, a member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Parliament, responded to Rezaei's statements, stating, "Such matters are within the jurisdiction of the leadership, not the Secretary of the Supreme Council of Economic Coordination. They must present evidence for their claim."

Abbasszadeh highlighted that discussions on war, peace, and related matters fall within the powers of the leadership in the Islamic Republic of Iran and are usually discussed by experts in the Supreme National Security Council. He added, "Those who express opinions in this regard probably have information, but I currently do not have any information in this regard."

Iran has denied direct involvement in the war which saw 1,200 mostly civilians killed by Hamas in Israel and 240 taken hostage, including babies, women and the elderly, and over 12,000 Palestinians killed in Gaza. However, Iran has long backed the Sunni proscribed terror group as part of its war against its archenemies Israel and the US.

At the time of publication, the Israeli government announced that there would be imminent news of a deal with Hamas with a possible ceasefire on the table in return for the release of some or all of its hostages.

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