Hijab police at the entrance of a subway station in Tehran

More Police Deployed To Enforce Hijab In Tehran Metro Stations

Friday, 11/17/2023

Iranian news websites and social media users report that officers have been deployed in greater numbers and armed with cameras to enforce mandatory hijab in the Tehran’s metro stations.

Numerous hijab officers can be seen crowded into a subway passageway in Tehran's Enghelab station, according to social media images posted Friday. The situation has been described as the "horror tunnel" for women.

The Tehran newspaper Farhikhtegan verified the increased presence of hijab enforcers on Thursday in other busy metro stations.

The newspaper highlighted that the Security Police (FARAJA) was assisting the hijab enforcers by using their cameras to spot and identify women without headscarves.

“There is an increase of FARAJA forces in the subway stations, especially in front of the ticket gates and next to the hijab guards, and when you leave the gate, a young man with a small camera will appear in front of you to take your picture,” Farhikhtegan wrote.

Over the past week, reports on social media have increased about the government's more aggressive attempts to impose and monitor hijab in the subway.

"Recording images of passersby violates people's right to privacy," added Farhikhtegan in its article.

The hijab officers in the subways have become extremely strict after Iranian-Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini, 22, died in hijab police custody in September 2022, sparking the "Women, Life, Freedom" protests.

In May, Tehran mayor Alireza Zakani announced that the city has implemented a uniformed security unit to prevent women from entering the metro ticket gates unveiled.

There was also a report in August that Tehran municipality would send 400 personnel to enforce hijab laws at subway stations in the capital.

The increased presence of hijab police also evokes the memory of Armita Geravand, 16, who in October died after an encounter with Tehran's hijab police.

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