In the aftermath of the government-related killing of Armita Gervanad, more than 20 women activists and journalists have reportedly been arrested in Gilan, north of Iran.

Armita Geravand,16, died after an altercation with hijab police led to her falling into a coma. She later died in hospital in echoes of the death of Mahsa Amini last year, whose death triggered a nationwide uprising.

The detainees include notable figures such as animal rights activists Rozita Rajaei and writer, and civil activist Nina Golestani. Additionally, environmental journalists and activists Haleh Nateghi and Nasim Tavaf are among those detained.

Informed sources indicate that the women are being detained by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) accused of "conspiracy against national security" and "propaganda against the system." Families, despite their presence in the public and revolutionary court of Rasht, remain uninformed about the case details.

As of now, none of the detainees have been able to appoint a lawyer, and they are currently held in Lakan Prison in Rasht. This marks the second "mass arrest" of female activists in Gilan, following the recent uprising against the Islamic Republic.

Beyond Gilan, women activists in Tehran, Isfahan, and Tabriz have received summonses or been detained by the IRGC. The current situation of the detainees remains unknown.

Journalist and women's rights activist Manijeh Moazzen in Tehran was also arrested on November 8. Additionally, there are reports of the recent arrests of activists Mahnaz Tarah and Shaghayegh Moradi, with no information available about their whereabouts and conditions.

During the recent funeral of Armita, 62 women were reportedly detained and transferred to Evin and Gharchak prisons in Tehran.

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