Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky

Ukraine Accuses Russia, Iran Of Supporting Hamas Attacks On Israel

Monday, 11/06/2023

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has accused the Islamic Republic, Russia and North Korea of being involved in the deadly Hamas attacks on Israel.

He said in an exclusive interview with NBC’s Meet the Press that the three countries are “throwing matches into” the long burning fire between Israel and Palestine by supporting Hamas, which sent thousands of troops to invade Israel on October 7 after a barrage of thousands of rockets, in the deadliest single day for Jews since the Holocaust. It has since led to an horrific bombardment of Gaza in which more than 10,000 people have died. 

“I’m sure that Russia was behind and sponsoring Hamas. And Iran, too. That’s who is to blame. When we talk about laws, rules, where there are terrorists, there are no rules,” Zelensky added. Just last week, a Hamas delegation was hosted in Moscow and recent evidence showed North Korean weapons have been used in Hamas attacks on Israel.

The authorities of the Islamic Republic have repeatedly denied any role in planning and executing the military operations of Hamas against Israel though it remains one of its biggest backers, financially and militarily.

Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic, stated on October 10 that those who believe the attacks by Hamas are conducted by non-Palestinians have made a “miscalculation.”

Zelensky urged the international community to do everything possible to stop the war in the Middle East. While expressing his readiness to travel to Israel, he stated that the trip depends on the developments on the battlefield in Ukraine and the possibility of returning Ukrainians who are detained in Israel.

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