Mohammad Habibi, the spokesperson of the Teachers' Association of Tehran, is to stand trial for protests against the poisoning of female students.

The Coordination Council of Iranian Teachers' Trade Associations declared on Sunday that the trial begins on January 10 in the second branch of the Revolutionary Court in Shahr-e Rey.

The charges against him are "participation and collusion in committing a crime against domestic/foreign security".

Habibi, known for his involvement in cultural and educational activism, was detained in April by Ministry of Intelligence officers. He was released more than a month later after posting bail from Evin Prison's Ward 209.

The chemical attacks on girls' schools began in November 2022, affecting hundreds of schools and thousands of students.

In the initial months, the Islamic Republic denied the chemical attacks on schools. Later, they downplayed the incidents, shifting blame onto the students for the poisonings. Simultaneously, there was an increase in pressure on the media and civil activists to curtail information dissemination on the matter.

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