A demonstration by Iranian teachers

Iranian Teachers' Association Condemns Death Of Armita Geravand

Monday, 10/30/2023

The Iranian Teachers' Association has released a statement condemning the death of Armita Geravand, who lost her life after a confrontation with hijab enforcers.

The association's statement acknowledges Armita, along with Mahsa Amini and other young girls, as “courageous fighters who took a stand against the authoritarian regime's ideological policies. Their unwavering resilience came at the ultimate cost of their lives.”

On October 1, Armita, 16, fell into a coma after an encounter with hijab enforcers in the Tehran subway. While the government has attempted to obscure the details of the incident, it appears that she was pushed by a female agent, resulting in a severe head injury.

Security measures were taken to prevent the dissemination of information or photographs or CCTV footage from the scene at Tehran's Fajr Hospital. She was subsequently declared brain dead and died in hospital on Saturday.

On Monday, the association, which stands bravely against the Islamic regime in the face of continued oppression of dissenting voices, including targeting academia, said: “Armita's case is one of several in which young girls have paid a heavy price for their defiance in advocating for optional hijab."

It stated that the option to wear hijab, mandated by the regime since its formation in 1979, "plays a pivotal role in advancing the democratic process of the Iranian people".

The group said: "Gender equality is an essential component of democracy, and the pursuit of optional hijab represents a realistic and achievable aspiration, vital for the realization of this democratic process."

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