A group of Iranian lawmakers during a session of the parliament in Tehran

Iranian Lawmakers To Visit Syria, Lebanon Amid Escalation

Wednesday, 10/11/2023

A delegation of Iranian lawmakers is set to travel to Syria and Lebanon to meet with Palestinian militants.

The head of the National Security Committee of the Iranian Parliament announced on Wednesday that they held a meeting with representatives of the Islamic Jihad, Hamas, and relevant organizations to evaluate the developments in Gaza and Palestine.

According to Vahid Jalalzadeh, they also discussed “future operations.”

"We have informed the authorities that the parliament is ready to provide any support in this regard. The Islamic Republic undoubtedly has its own policies, and parliamentarians are at the forefront of the struggle against the Zionist regime and will not hesitate to offer their support," he added.

In the official terminology employed by the Iranian government, Israel is referred to as "the Zionist entity" or the "Zionist regime." Over the course of its 44-year history, Iran's clerical leaders have consistently advocated for the "elimination" or "destruction of Israel."

In 2015, Iran's ruler Ali Khamenei declared that Israel would no longer exist within the next 25 years. Subsequently, in 2016, the Iranian government installed a countdown clock in Tehran's Palestine Square, symbolically marking the time remaining. This followed the signing of a nuclear agreement between Iran and global powers in July 2015.

The comments by Jalalzadeh came amid growing suspicions regarding Iran's involvement in a surprise attack by Hamas on Israel on a Saturday morning. Since the start of the conflict, it has resulted in more than 1,200 Israeli casualties, with over 2,000 individuals sustaining severe injuries and dozens being taken hostage in Gaza.

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