Political activist Hossein Ronaghi

Iranian Activists Call For Resilience, Unity Amid Regime Oppression

Sunday, 09/17/2023

In the face of continued regime oppression, Iranian activists have called for increased resilience and unity, particularly as they mark the anniversary of Mahsa Amini's death.

Prominent Iranian political activist Hossein Ronaghi penned a message, highlighting the unwavering determination and boundless courage of Iranians to bring about change in their country and “dispel the prevailing darkness”.

In his statement, Ronaghi acknowledged the relentless attempts by authorities to "disperse, isolate, and stifle the voices of activists through threats, repression, discord, and various tactics." Nevertheless, he asserted that such efforts have thus far failed and expressed confidence that they will not succeed "in silencing the collective will of the Iranian people."

Ronaghi, 37, has maintained his position as one of the most fearless critics of the Islamic Republic, refusing to leave the country despite facing multiple arrests and periods of detention over the past 13 years. His commitment to advocating for change led to his detainment in 2009 for his involvement in post-election protests, and he was once again arrested in February 2022 for criticizing a bill aimed at restricting internet access in Iran.

Meanwhile, Shirin Ebadi, a prominent Iranian jurist and recipient of the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize for her human rights efforts, particularly in advocating for women, children, and refugees, addressed a gathering of Iranians in Washington during the commemoration of Mahsa Amini's anniversary.

Ebadi underscored the paramount importance of unity, affirming that Iranians would not allow external forces to exploit their internal differences.

She went on to invoke the sacrifices made by the Iranian people throughout history, including significant events such as the Green Movement, Bloody November, and others, urging Iranians not to allow "the memory of such sacrifices to fade away."

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