An Iranian woman committed suicide in August 2023, leaping to her death from a commercial building in Shiraz

Depression In Iran On Rise, Especially Among Women And Youth

Sunday, 09/17/2023

Latest statistics suggest a rise in depression in Iran, particularly among women and young people.

The report by the reformist newspaper Ham-Mihan states that out of every five prescriptions issued, one is for antidepressants or sleep-inducing medications.

The report also links the mental health of Iranians to social issues, including protests.

Following the recent uprisings, numerous experts, including university professors, mental health specialists, and sociologists, expressed concerns about the state of Iran's society. Four mental health associations also voiced their concerns about the mental well-being of citizens in a statement.

The newspaper emphasizes that since last year, many individuals have been contemplating migration as a way out of their current situation.

Earlier this year, Saeed Moeedfar, the president of the Sociological Association, warned that Iran is on the brink of a "severe wave of migration" and described a "terrifying despair" gripping society, particularly its youth and intellectuals.

These predictions of an impending massive migration wave come at a time when estimates suggest that roughly one-tenth of the country's population, equivalent to 8.5 million Iranians, currently live abroad as migrants.

Ham-Mihan, citing mental health experts, notes that anxiety and depression, as two of the most prominent psychological disorders, have manifested in various forms in the past year, including an increased desire to migrate, alcohol consumption, substance abuse, and suicide.

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