Russia and Iran are actively negotiating a new treaty to strengthen and expand their bilateral cooperation, according to Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Andrey Rudenko.

Deputy Minister Rudenko made this announcement during a session hosted by the Valdai Discussion Club, highlighting the increasing positive momentum in Russia-Iran relations in recent years.

"We are working on a new major treaty with Iran, which will encompass, among other things, our key areas [of cooperation]," stated Deputy Foreign Minister Rudenko.

The development of this new treaty underscores the commitment of both nations to strengthening their partnership and fostering closer ties. Over the past few years, Russia-Iran relations have steadily progressed, promising further advancements in their collaboration.

During the Iranian President's visit to Moscow in January 2022, he presented a draft of a 20-year cooperation agreement, which would update the previous 2001 version. However, Moscow has yet to sign this proposed agreement.

While Iranian officials had previously suggested that preparations for the agreement were finalized and anticipated a swift signing when the two presidents met, recent reports indicate that additional preparations are deemed necessary.

One factor affecting the pace of these negotiations is the impact of international sanctions on Iran's oil industry. Notably, major Chinese and Russian companies, recognized for their global presence, have been cautious about engaging in business with Iran due to these prevailing sanctions.

Despite Iran's existing 25-year contract with China, signed on March 27, 2021, and ongoing negotiations for a 20-year economic trade deal with Russia, there has been public discontent in Iran regarding these agreements. Concerns have been voiced by many Iranians who fear that such pacts may potentially compromise the nation's interests.

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