Drones are seen at an underground site at an undisclosed location in Iran, in this handout image obtained on May 28, 2022

Russian Drone Engineers Took Shelter In Tehran Amid Mossad Strike

Friday, 08/18/2023

The Washington Post has revealed that Russian drone engineers had to take shelter in a Tehran hotel after an alleged Mossad strike on Iran's drone facility.

The newspaper obtained leaked documents that reveal Russian industrial experts were in Tehran for a joint attack drone operation and were forced to take shelter in their hotel after a reported attack on a Shahed-136 UAV production facility in Esfahan, central Iran.

The Iranian authorities were reportedly concerned about the possibility of additional strikes on drone facilities in Tehran, which the Russian experts were scheduled to visit.

The leaked materials, originating from a source within a specialized Russian facility working on drone production, showcased a project aiming to manufacture 6,000 drones by the summer of 2025.

In June, the US intelligence community revealed that Iran was assisting Russia in establishing a drone manufacturing plant in Russia's Alabuga special economic zone, raising concerns about potential military applications.

While the project encountered delays and difficulties, including staffing shortages in key areas of drone development, experts suggest that Russia is making strides toward enhancing its drone capabilities beyond those of the Shahed-136.

Despite the revelations, neither the Russian government, Iran's UN mission, nor the Alabuga facility responded to requests for comment. The United States and its allies have implemented measures to curtail the transfer of drone-related components to Russia and Iran.

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