The Blue Mosque of Iran's Hamburg Islamic Center

German Court Finds Islamic Center As An Extremist Organization

Sunday, 07/02/2023

The German Federal Administrative Court ruled that the Blue Mosque, an Islamic center in Hamburg affiliated with the Iranian regime, is an "extremist Islamic organization."

Despite an objection and complaint filed by the center, the Administrative Court of Hamburg upheld the classification of the center's activities as "extremism" by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution of Germany.

The Court began hearing the complaint of the Islamic Center of Hamburg two months ago. However, the decision did not confirm findings by security organs that the center acted as an extension of the Iranian regime in Germany.

Previously, intelligence officials in Hamburg published documents that showed the connection of this center with extremist and Islamist groups, including Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

However, the center claims to be a purely religious foundation that deals with the religious affairs of the Shias.

Earlier, the Secular Islamic Association had asked Germany's Minister of the Interior in a letter to terminate all cooperation with the Central Council of Muslims immediately.

Additionally, the letter said that the Islamic Center of Hamburg promoted Iran's ideology and monitored Iranian citizens in exile as well as disseminating anti-Semitism.

Hamburg's local authorities expelled Seyed Soleiman Mosavi-Far, the deputy for the Islamic Center in November, accusing him of close ties to terrorist groups.

Aside from his involvement in and support for extremist and terrorist Shia organizations, Mosavi-Far had connections with two organizations providing financial assistance with connections to Hezbollah in Lebanon, according to German authorities.

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