Alleged Iranian terror operative Yousef Shahbazi Abbasalilo, in a photo released by the Mossad spy agency on June 29, 2023.

Iran Denies Mossad Report On Terror Plot In Cyprus

Friday, 06/30/2023

Iran has rejected the voracity of a video released by Israel's spy agency Mossad of a captured IRGC agent caught before an attack on Jews and Israelis in Cyprus.

Nour News, affiliated to the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC), said in a tweet on Friday that the report was an effort to cover up Israel’s own domestic crisis, trying to cover up the shameful incident in which Mossad agents captured the assassin on Iranian soil. 

The video of the captured agent was released on Thursday, in which the agent, identified as Yousef Shahabazi Abbasalilo, is filmed sharing details of his entry to Cyprus through the Turkish occupied north and how he had scoped out the location of the first target for assassination, prepared the weapon and concealed it on word that he must flee just days ago. 

"The Zionist regime, which is (facing a) deterioration of its domestic situation, has narrated a failed operation from a year ago in Iran where all its agents were arrested in an upside-down manner," said Nour News. 

Cypriot security forces dismantled the plot's infrastructure based on the information.

“We’ll get to every person that advances terrorism against Jews and Israelis all over the world, including on Iranian soil,” a senior Mossad official said.

Last year, Mossad captured a senior IRGC official on Iranian soil and interrogated him about weapons shipments to Iran's proxies.

This is the third time evidence emerges of Israeli agents detaining an IRGC operative inside Iran and taping confessions. A short audio recording was published by Israeli media in May last year with a photo of a man introduced as Iranian national Mansour Rasouli, 52.

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