Several students unveiling at their schoolyard in protest to mandatory hijab

Iranian Students Forced To Declare Political, Religious Beliefs

Thursday, 06/15/2023

During exams in Iran, school students were given questionnaires to probe religious, political and social beliefs.

Among the questions, one asks if people must obey the decisions by the government. The students had five options as “strongly agree, agree, no idea, disagree, and strongly disagree.”

“I am happy about living under the Islamic Republic in Iran”, “I have to obey all the rules although I might not agree with some of them” are among the other questions.The questionnaire also asked if they enjoy the “peace and safety” in Iran.

It is not clear what organization has conducted the probe, but the type of questions suggests the intelligence institutes are involved.

Following the death in custody of Mahsa Amini, schools were the hub of daily protests against the regime with teenagers and even elementary school students chanting slogans.

The chemical attacks on schools raised eyebrows among many Iranians with countless ordinary citizens being suspicious of the regime’s involvement. However, the regime denied responsibility and even staged arrests of suspects after protests against the poisonings.

International reaction has demanded answers to the mystery poisonings including a spokesperson for the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva calling for a transparent investigation along with the White House, which demanded accountability for those responsible.

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