Iran’s exiled prince Reza Pahlavi has met with former Israeli defense minister Benny Gantz on the sidelines of the annual Jerusalem Post conference in New York.

“We discussed the rich history between our peoples and the opportunities for future collaboration not only between Israel and a secular, democratic Iran but across the Middle East,” Pahlavi tweeted on Monday. “Together, let’s bring in a new era,” he said.

No further details have been released from the meeting between the two.

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ramped up threats to attack Iranian nuclear facilities, the Iranian opposition figure, Pahlavi, seems to be a uniting point between the people of Iran and Israel.

Gantz who was in the previous Israeli government is also a strong opponent of the Iranian regime, its nuclear program and interventions in the region.

In April, Pahlavi toured Israel as part of his efforts to unite international support against the Islamic Republic and in support of the uprising in Iran.

During a press conference in Tel Aviv, Pahlavi said that Iranians are the extreme opposite of the country’s current rulers, and that the regime does not represent the Iranian nation. “They have no antagonism to any nation or any faith. I know that Iranians and Israelis see how important it would be for our future to be strategic partners, to work together, to address many issues. I come here to convey this message to Israeli citizens,” he said.

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