Iran’s ministry of intelligence has secretly buried another deceased Baha'i citizen without notifying the family or allowing a religious ceremony.

Human right groups reported on Saturday that the regime buried the Baha’i citizen without the consent of his family.

Based on the report, the relatives held the funeral ceremony behind closed doors on Friday.

Within the past months, activists of the Baha'i community and human rights organizations have repeatedly reported that Iranian government officials have buried some of the deceased in the Khavaran cemetery without the knowledge of their families.

The Khavaran cemetery in southeast Tehran is an unmarked mass graveyard where dozens of executed prisoners in the 1980s are buried.

Earlier, Iran Human Rights Organization quoted an informed source as saying that some people who are not from the Baha'i community are interfering in their religious practices.

Baha'i cemeteries in Iranian cities and villages have also been confiscated and destroyed, and new buildings have been constructed on the burial grounds to leave no traces of the remains of Baha'is.

The 1979 constitution of the Islamic Republic recognizes only Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Zoroastrianism. Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has on several occasions called the Baha'i faith a cult and in a religious fatwa in 2018 forbade contact, including business dealings, with followers of the faith.

Baha'is, who number around 300,000 in Iran, say their rights are systematically violated and they are often harassed, forced to leave their homes and businesses, and are deprived of government jobs and university education.

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