Israel’s Intelligence Minister Gila Gamliel

Israeli Minister Backtracks On MPs Letter Over Iran's Territorial Integrity

Friday, 05/05/2023

Israel’s intelligence minister has told Iran International that the letter by Israeli MPs to advocate for the separation of Iran’s Azarbaijan region was a ‘misunderstanding’.

Gila Gamliel told our correspondent that the MPs rescinded their signatories following clarification about the content of their letter backtracking on the original claims.

"After I learned about the initiative supporting the establishment of a state in part of the Iranian territory for the Azeris, I convinced most (of 32) Knesset members to remove their signatures from the letter and disapprove of it," she said earlier in the week.

“Fighting against a religious extremist regime is the common desire of many nations, and we must always continue this way," Gamliel said, sharing a document on twitter with signatures of about 25 lawmakers who said they “express their disapproval of the establishment of a state in part of the territory of Iran for the Azeri minority.”

Following a recent state visit to Azerbaijan by Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen, the Knesset members in a letter delivered to Cohen’s office asked the Israeli government to “pressure Iran to stop oppressing the Azeri minority in northwest Iran” based on a request by the Jewish community in Azerbaijan.

The letter led to a media frenzy by Iranians inside the country and diaspora communities with opposition figures such as exiled Prince Reza Pahlavi and political groups such as Solidarity for a Free Iran issuing statements decrying the “ill-advised” move.

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