Iran's ruler Ali Khamenei speaking to government officials in 2022

Iran Leader Urges Muslim Nations To Reinforce Palestinian Groups

Saturday, 04/22/2023

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei says the strategy of the Muslim world should be reinforcing the militant groups in the Palestinian territories.

Khamenei said in a Saturday meeting with regime officials and ambassadors of Muslim countries that Israel is gradually collapsing, and the Muslim nations must focus on supporting the militant elements in and around Israel.

While renewing his support for jihadists in Palestinian territories, Khamenei alleged that “The downfall [of Israel] which started a few years ago, has now accelerated and the Muslim world must take advantage of this great opportunity.”

Earlier, an Iranian IRGC Commander also hailed Palestinian terror groups, claiming 10,000 attacks have been perpetrated against Israelis this year.

Ramazan Sharif, the head of the Intifada and Quds Central Headquarters of the Islamic Propaganda Coordination Council, said earlier this month that the formation of a unified anti-Israeli front from South Lebanon and the Syrian Golan Heights to Gaza and the West Bank has challenged Israel more than ever.

Iranian proxies in Gaza, Lebanon and Syria have all recently attacked Israel with rockets as tensions simmered during the holy month of Ramadan.

Khamenei said in 2016 that Israel must be destroyed in 25 years and the government even set up a countdown clock in Tehran the following year.

Many Iranians mock the anti-Israel rhetoric and the ticking clock, but the regime is adamant in repeating its threat.

Iranians who have been periodically protesting against the regime since 2017, often chant slogans against spending Iran's national wealth to create and support proxy groups.

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