Some of the schoolgirls hospitalized with symptoms of poisoning (file photo)

Some of the schoolgirls hospitalized with symptoms of poisoning

Chemical Attacks On Schools: Parents Urge Govt. To Hold Classes Virtually

Monday, 04/17/2023

School students at schools across Iran have been targeted in a new wave of attacks using an unknown chemical substance, according to reports.

Videos seen by Iran International show the latest apparent poisonings have taken place in Alborz, Kermanshah, Kordestan, East Azarbaijan, West Azarbaijan, and Khuzestan provinces.

Families of students have staged protest rallies urging officials to hold classes virtually rather than in school to protect children from further attacks.

Hengaw Human Rights Organization said over 30 female pupils were admitted to hospital in the city of Kermanshah after the chemical attack, adding that the physical condition of some of them is critical.

Meanwhile, people in the southern city of Ahvaz gathered in front of the governor's office to protest against the serial poisoning of students.

The majority of the victims of the apparent poisonings are girls. The identity of the perpetrators is unknown.

Critics of the regime say the attacks are part of a crackdown on protests, a claim denied by government officials who have claimed the symptoms are the result of mass hysteria.

The current wave of chemical attacks began after the new year holidays.
Close to 300 schools were targeted in the past Iranian year ending on March 20 without any apparent serious effort by the government to identify and pursue the perpetrators, nor to explain to terrified parents and students what was happening.

Thousands of students have been affected, mostly girls, with hundreds hospitalized with symptoms including respiratory distress, numbness in their limbs, heart palpitations, headaches, nausea, and vomiting.

The Ministry of Islamic Guidance has sent a notice to the local media to censor the news related to the attacks.

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