Mohyeddin Ebrahimi

Political Prisoner Executed In Orumiyeh As Deaths Of Kurds Soar

Friday, 03/17/2023

A Kurdish political prisoner has been executed in Orumiyeh’s (Urmia) central prison.

According to rights group Hengaw, Mohyeddin Ebrahimi from Oshnavieh in Iran’s West Azarbaijan province, was killed in the early hours of Friday.

In a cruel twist, his family had been informed that his execution had been suspended but just hours later, were told he had been executed.

In recent days, the rights group expressed concern over the transfer of Ebrahimi to solitary confinement, protesters gathering outside the prison to demand the overturning of the verdict sentencing him to death.

In a brutal journey, Ebrahimi, 42, a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, was first arrested by security forces in 2009 on charges of cooperating with one of the Kurdish opposition parties.

He was sentenced to 14 months in Urmia Central Prison. However, he was arrested after being shot by IRGC forces in Bimzarata headquarters in Oshnavieh in November 2017 and has been in prison ever since.

In August 2018, he was finally sentenced to death, one of a growing number of Kurds suffering brutal crackdowns by the regime.

In recent months, Iran’s clerical rulers have stepped up suppression of persistent anti-government protests in the country's Kurdish region, home to the majority of Iran’s 10 million Kurds.

The regime has deployed troops and killed several demonstrators since protests erupted following the death in police custody of Kurdish Mahsa Amini, in addition to others already in the region’s brutal prisons.

Also Friday, Shirzad Ahmadinejad died in the same prison, after authorities failed to give him medical attention.

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