Ceremony in Venezuela unveiling Khamenei's book on March 10, 2023

Khamenei Book Unveiled In Venezuela To Spread Influence

Saturday, 03/11/2023

In order to expand the Islamic Republic’s influence in Latin America, a Spanish translation of a book by Iranian Supreme Leader has been unveiled in Venezuela.

The book titled "Cell No. 14” is memoirs Iran's authoritarian ruler Ali Khamenei that was unveiled on the sidelines of the Iran-Venezuela culture and friendship exhibition in Caracas on Friday.

The book covers the first half of Khamenei's life when he was a religious opponent of the secular monarchy, from his early years until the 1979 revolution. It also contains illustrations portraying different periods of his life.

In a message on the occasion, Khamenei told Venezuelans that “It is good that you and all justice-seeking nations get to know each other more and cooperate more.”

Iran has been running overt and covert operations to build influence and networks in Latin America, together with its proxies, such as the Lebanese Hezbollah.

Tehran has made plenty of economic promises to the region’s countries, but few have materialized because the period since has been marked by crippling international and US sanctions on Tehran.

Secret Iranian and Hezbollah networks are involved in illicit activities, allegedly including the drug trade for generating funds.

Iran also converts locals to Shiite Islam and sends some to its seminaries in the religious city of Qom to be trained and indoctrinated.

The presence of the Islamic Republic in Latin America has been a growing concern for the US in recent years with several Congressional reports presented in different Senate and House committees detailing Iran’s influence in the region.

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