Schoolgirls in Iran remove their headscarves as a sign of protest

Iran’s Regime Screens Porn To Intimidate Girls Not To Stage Protests

Thursday, 03/02/2023

Porn videos have been shown as a means of deterrence in several girls' schools across Iran, threatening them not to take part in "Women, Life, Freedom" protests.

In two separate reports, the UK-based website Iranwire has mentioned that "porn" videos and even "human sex with animals" were shown to female students in Tehran, Mahshahr, Esfahan and Eslamshahr.

The incidents happened as hundreds of schoolgirls - who were at the forefront of anti-regime protests - have been hospitalized in various cities since November 30 after mysterious gas poisonings at schools. This week alone saw hundreds more girls attacked in several cities.

One of the students said that regime officials told the students “if you participate in protests, the same will happen to you”.

Due to the "shock" caused by watching such graphic scenes, some of the girls had been taken for medical care.

When families objected to the twisted tactic, education ministry officials threatened that they will hand them over to the security forces.

One mother whose daughter had been subjected to the films, said: “The principal said we wanted the girls to see the results of sexual revolution."

Hamid Rasaei, a hardline member of parliament, earlier stated that the goal of the protesters is “to sleep with someone every night and graze like animals”.

The warped measures imposed on the girls reflect the threat the regime sees is posed by the young female generation, leading the protests from the streets, schools and universities.

It is the first time in recent history that women have played such a visible role in anti-regime uprisings, this most recent round triggered by the death in custody of Mahsa Amini, arrested for the inappropriate use of her hijab.

The student movement in Iran has spread nationwide and videos and images show young women cutting their hair, tearing or burning the photos of Islamic revolution founder Ruhollah Khomeini and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, and burning their headscarves.

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