Iran Orders Female Staff Of Pharmacies To Wear Black Veils

Sunday, 02/26/2023

Iran’s Food and Drug Administration has ordered pharmacies across the country to force their female staff to wear black veils at workplace.

In a new directive, Iran’s FDA, which operates under the supervision of the ministry of health, also ordered pharmacies to put the obligatory hijab "instructions" in the view of their clients as well.

According to the directive, pharmacy managers are responsible for monitoring the way female employees are covered. Before an owner opens a pharmacy, s/he is required to give a written commitment in this regard.

In the past weeks, at least two pharmacies in Tehran and Amol in the north have been sealed off due to the “improper” hijab of their female employees.

In another development, Shiraz University has summoned those students whose hijab was deemed insufficient to participate in "mandatory hijab counseling" sessions.

According to the Telegram channel of the country’s Student Union Council, the students whose "improper hijab or removal of hijab" has been reported to a special committee are asked to participate in the counselling sessions.

In the past days, several reports have been published about pressure and threats against students over their hijab.

In a recent move, Tehran University threatened that students who do not comply with hijab regulations will be subject to "disciplinary action".

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