Washington has warned Tehran saying it would respond to any attacks after a top IRGC commander claimed the Islamic Republic intends to kill former US officials.

In an emailed statement to Al Arabiya English, the US State Department warned the clerical regime that “any attempt to harm US citizens, including those who served in the past, would be met with a strong response.”

Amirali Hajizadeh, the head of the Revolutionary Guards aerospace force, on Saturday spoke of Iran's often repeated threat to avenge the US killing of Qassem Soleimani, Tehran’s top military and intelligence operator in the Middle East, saying "We are looking to kill (former US President Donald) Trump."

"God willing, we are looking to kill Trump. (Former Secretary of State Mike) Pompeo ... and military commanders who issued the order (to kill Soleimani) should be killed," Hajizadeh said in the televised interview.

A US State Department spokesperson also reiterated Washington’s commitment to work with its allies and partners to deter and respond to any attacks carried out by Iran.

“Iran would test our resolve to protect our citizens at great peril. As the Administration has consistently made clear, the United States will protect and defend its citizens. This includes those serving the United States now and those who served in the past,” a State Department spokesperson said.

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