A combo photo of the Arab political prisoners sentenced to death in the southern city of Ahvaz  (file photo)

A combo photo of the Arab political prisoners sentenced to death in the southern city of Ahvaz

Iran Sentences Six Arab Political Prisoners To Death: Rights Group

Wednesday, 02/15/2023

A human rights organization in Iran reports that a revolutionary court has sentenced six Arab political prisoners to death in the southern city of Ahvaz.

According to Ahvaz Human Rights Organization, the prisoners are identified as Ali Majdam, Moin Khanfari, Mohammad Reza Moghadam, Salem Mousavi, Adnan Mousavi and Habib Edris.

Six other Arab citizens have also been sentenced to long prison terms between 5 to 35 years, the report added.

The death sentences are issued while the Iranian authorities have released dozens of political prisoners and protesters in recent days, claiming an amnesty was issued for thousands of detainees.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Republic keeps putting pressure on activists and arrests continue. Hengaw Kurdish-Iranian human rights monitoring group reported that Arian Koukhaizadeh, an 18-year-old detained youth from the southwestern city of Ilam, went on a hunger strike by sewing his lips in protest at inattention to his case.

Narges Mansouri, one of the signatories of a letter calling for Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei's resignation, also announced in an audio file shared with Iran International that since January 29, in spite of acute illness, she began a hunger strike in protest to the inhumane behavior of the Islamic Republic.

Meanwhile, according to information received by Iran International, security agents are putting pressure on political activists, who signed a statement in support of Green Movement leader Mir-Hossein Mousavi’s call for a new constitution, to rescind their signatures.

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