Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who recently met with French President Emmanuel Macron, says Europe is closer to alignment with Israel on efforts to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Netanyahu told the weekly meeting of his cabinet that “At the center of our long conversation, I must say, was our common goal - to fight Iran's attempt to obtain nuclear weapons and a nuclear arsenal.”

Netanyahu further noted that he cannot recall a time when the two sides had been so close to an agreement regarding their positions on Iran.

However, he underlined that it is “not the same position, but the positions are much closer,” adding that the positions of Israel and the United States regarding Iran have also become closer.

Netanyahu, who traveled to France on his first official foreign trip after regaining power, met with Macron at the Elysee Palace February 2, and discussed Iran's nuclear threats and deterring this country's actions in the region.

After the meeting, in a statement released by the Elysee Macron called for “firmness in the face of Iran’s headlong rush, which if continued would inevitably have consequences.”

The French president also reiterated “that Iranian support for Russian aggression in Ukraine exposes Iran to sanctions and increasing isolation.”

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