German Chancellor Olaf Scholz In November 2022

Iran Dismisses Scholtz Comment Comparing Iran With Argentinian Dictatorship

Monday, 01/30/2023

Iran says a statement by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz comparing the situation in Iran with past Argentinian dictatorship is interference in its domestic affairs.

In a statement on Monday, foreign ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani said, “In an amateurish and biased comparison, the chancellor of Germany once again proved that he still stands on the wrong side of history.”

Scholz, who was speaking in Buenos Aires Sunday, remembered the victims of the 1976-1983 military dictatorship in Argentina and compared this regime with the one currently ruling Iran.

Scholz participated in a ceremony at Río de la Plata, explaining that he cannot help but think immediately of the young people who are being murdered in Iran when they defend their freedom and struggle for a better.

It is estimated that between 7,000 and 30,000 people lost their lives during the military dictatorship in Argentina. Some of the victims were thrown into the Rio de la Plata in so-called death flights without the relatives being informed.

“The fact that dictatorship brings suffering, oppression and death is very visible here, just as we perceive it everywhere in the world today,” the German chancellor noted.

US-based Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) released a report Sunday that at least 527 protesters have been killed in Iran since the protests began more than four months ago following the death in custody of Mahsa Amini.

Iran has also executed four young protesters so far to contain the nationwide demonstrations.

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