Workers of a gas plant on strike

Oil Industry Workers Stage New Round Of Strikes In Iran

Tuesday, 01/17/2023

Amid natural gas shortage in Iran due to the government inability to invest in production, a new wave of strikes by oil and gas industry workers has kicked off in the country.

Reports say permanently employed workers in the industry held protest gatherings in Ahvaz, Asaluyeh, Dehloran, Shiraz, Ilam, Bandar Lengeh and Aghajari in the south and southwest of Iran.

In previous months, contract workers also held sporadic protests and strikes along with anti-government demonstrations in the country.

Videos published on social media show employees working at the Ilam Gas Refinery held a protest gathering on Tuesday.

In the meantime, permanent workers at Pars Oil and Gas Company in Asaluyeh stopped working and organized a gathering to show anger at low wages.

Similar events were also staged in Aghajari, Shiraz, Qeshm island, Jam, Dehloran, and Ahvaz.

These strikes are at a time when people are also protesting the incompetency of the government to supply natural gas to households in some regions.

Monday evening, residents in Torbat-e Jam, a town in the northeast gathered outside the governor's office to protest the gas cut off. They chanted slogans like "Death to the governor".

On Monday, people in Torbat-e Jam also rushed to the Red Crescent building to get oil heaters. Videos show some agents prevented people from breaking into the facility.

In order to resolve the gas crisis in Tehran and other cities, the Islamic Republic has shut down schools and offices.

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