Protests in Iran

Over 100 Iranian Protesters At Risk Of Death Penalty: Rights Monitor

Monday, 01/09/2023

A Norway-based human rights organization says at least 109 Iranian protesters are currently at risk of execution or facing death penalty sentences.

The Oslo-based Iran Human Rights Organization announced in its latest report that is a minimum estimate as most families are under pressure to stay quiet, and the real number is believed to be much higher. 

The list includes both officially reported cases and those reported by family members and citizen journalists.

Since December 27 when it first released a list, nine people have been released on bail, one is no longer in custody, and two who were executed, have been removed.

21 other protesters who are at risk of death penalty charges, sentences or execution have been added to the current list, noted the human right body.

Iran Human Rights organization also stressed that repression through arbitrary arrests, physical torture, sexual assault and rape in detention and the mass issuance of sentences has been intensified.

“There have been enough cases reported throughout the country to conclude that it is not merely isolated incidents but a systematic policy by the government,” underlined the IHRNGO.

It also announced that at least 481 people including 64 children and 35 women, have been killed by security forces since mid-September, following the death of Mahsa Amini in police custody, which triggered the protests.

It further pointed out that the Islamic Republic is intentionally creating confusion by sharing contradicting statements, particularly in death penalty cases.

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