Iranian dissident actor Hamid Farrokhnejad

Iran’s Regime Seeking Legitimacy By Terror, Executions: Prominent Actor

Tuesday, 12/20/2022

A famous Iranian dissident actor says that the Islamic Republic is afflicted with “misery” and facing “humiliation”.

Hamid Farrokhnejad, in an exclusive interview with Iran International, stated that "the regime is such a coward and so humiliated that it seeks legitimacy by terror, imprisonment, torture and execution.”

He also compared the Islamic Republic with Bashar al-Assad’s in Syria, saying that he is the ruler of Syria, but his rule is of no use and meaningless.

Farrokhnejad has been criticized by the state media and supporters of the Islamic Republic due to his stance against Khamenei within the past few days.

Earlier, a post by Farrokhnejad against Ali Khamenei's “dictatorship” on Instagram incited a wave of reactions among regime supporters.

In his post he compared Iran’s authoritarian ruler with other dictators such as Francisco Franco, Mao Zedong, Joseph Stalin and Benito Mussolini, saying he is “mentally ill” just like his “colleagues”.

In response to Farrokhnejad's comment, Director of the Cinema Organization of Iran, Mohammad Khazaei said “You have no right to insult our leader, our sage, and our mentor. Here is still the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Farokhnejad was banned from traveling abroad by the regime, but he managed to leave Iran is currently is in the United States.

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