Protests against the Islamic Republic in Europe  (December 2022)

Protests against the Islamic Republic in Europe

Iranians Continue Rallies In Europe, Australia To Support Protesters

Friday, 12/16/2022

Iranian communities in several European cities held rallies Friday in support of protests in Iran and to demand the closure of Islamic Republic’s missions in Europe.

Iranian Australians also held a protest in Brisbane outside the regional parliament of Queensland. The crowd sand protest songs and displayed photographs of civilians killed by government forces since September, when nationwide protests began after the death in police custody of Mahsa Amini who was arrested for ‘improper hijab’.

In Europe, Iranians gathered in Stockholm and Frankfurt demanding freedom for imprisoned journalists in Iran and urging European countries to cut ties with the Islamic Republic.

Iranians who have settled in Europe hold regular protests for three months. The community in Stockholm is one of the most active. Sweden’s Foreign Minister Tobias Billström visited the rally expressing support for rights of protesters in Iran and condemning the execution of young people by the clerical regime.

Iranians in Frankfurt gathered outside Islamic Republic’s consulate demanding that Germany expel all regime diplomats. A group of protesters have camped at the location for the past 24 days and have gone on a hunger strike. German media covered the Frankfurt rally.

The Italian Senate in Rome was the venue of a conference Friday in support of protesters in Iran, with the participation of Italian Iranians. The foreign affairs committee of the Italian Senate was the organizer of the event to hear the views of the Iranian community.

Iranian in Britain had held rallies and protests on Thursday in Newcastle, Birmingham, Glasgow and London.

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